The Practical Driving Test

The Driving Test lasts about 40 minutes and includes driving out of town on fast roads, such as dual carriageways, up to 70 mph. You will be asked to do 1 out of 3 possible reversing manoeuvres (turn in the road, reverse around the corner and reverse park {reverse park could be either parallel parking or bay parking}). One third of tests include an emergency stop.

The examiner will ask you to drive independently for about 10 minutes, following a simple map and/or road signs. There will also be two questions about the routine safety checks you should do on your car, to ensure it is safe to drive.

In order to pass, you must not make any serious or dangerous faults, although you are allowed to have up to 15 minor mistakes. Don’t worry! It is not that difficult, and examiners are very friendly. They know what it is like having to drive under pressure, and they really are on your side. You can book a Practical driving test online here